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Red Light Photo Enforcement Camera

Independent studies continually report substantial safety improvements in the more than 500 communities nationwide now utilizing automated red light camera systems - with some showing decreases in total accident rates by as much as 50%.
RedSpeed has a long and established history of providing industry leading hardware and software solutions to its clients worldwide.

The system hardware is adaptable and modular by design, facilitating a simple and efficient integration into any existing infrastructure.

Combined with a robust violation review process, RedSpeed's dual red light/speed technology maximizes the capture and prosecution of enforceable violations.

System Features:

  • 3D Object Tracking Radar
  • Dual Red Light & Speed Enforcement Camera
  • Multiple HD Video Cameras per Approach
  • Infra Red (IR) Flashless Night Operation
  • License Plate "Rewind" Function
  • Real-Time License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Real-Time Amber/Hot List Alerts
  • Real-Time HD Video Streaming From PC, Smart Phone & Tablet
  • Remote Access 14 Days HD Video Archive
  • All Equipment Mounted on a Single Pole minimizing infrastructure impact

Sample Day/Night Violation Videos:


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